Volume 6: Days Have Gone By

The original 1967 release:

Circa 1968:

Circa 1972:

Circa 1975:

The last Fahey album to be officially released in mono, and the last to use the black and silver label with the two horizontal lines. The 1975 label design is unusual in retaining the black rim of the 1972 design. Once again a single wrap cover which didn't disappear from circulation until circa 1976, when Takoma had some two sheet covers printed. Neither sleeve indicates whether the record within was mono or stereo; later records were labelled as stereo but were as usual the mono pressings. This was the only album where Tom Weller's 'psychedelic' era cover survived until the end; the three for Volumes 1-3 were replaced very quickly. Note the missing 'y' from 'factory' across all these label designs, which were obviously not prepared by anyone familiar with Fahey's intentions!
Takoma originally listed this album in April 1967 as due soon; at that point they were intending to call it 'The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, California'. Shame, it's a great album title!

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crankmike said...

Hi there. First thing...this is a really great blog and resource, so thank you for doing it.
Now, I just bought a copy of "Volume 6" at a great used record store and my copy has an orange label with the purple Takoma arrow on it. And the cover seems to be the one you have listed as the original, but it credits Jeff Lovelace as the photographer. Is this something that you have seen before?
I also bought "Volume 4" with what seems to be the second sleeve circa 1968 w/ matte finish. The label is the orange and purple circa 1970. Your thoughts?
Thanks again for this invaluable source!

-Mike Van Laar