GUITAR Volume 4

The original 1966 release:

Circa 1968:

Circa 1970:

Circa 1972:

Circa 1973:

Circa 1975:

Curious: the 1970 orange label has the track listing on side 1 all in upper-case, where side 2 is mixed-case.

There are three sleeve variations that I have seen for this album. All use a single coloured wrapper pasted round a black sleeve. The first two are brown/bronze, and the differences between them are that the second one has the Takoma 'T' logo in the upper right-hand corner of the front cover and that a map replaces the discography on the rear cover. The final sleeves are red. None bear any indication as to whether the record inside is likely to be labelled as mono or stereo.

The matrices for this record are 'TAKOMA C1008 A' and 'TAKOMA C1008 B'

(My thanks to Chris Ullsperger for giving me a prompt to correct my earlier entry here)


Chris said...

There is another difference in the sleeves: the back cover on some versions includes a map, on others there is a discography.

Stephen said...


You are entirely right. I must have had a rush of blood to the head when I wrote this, and I've been meaning to come back and amend it for some time.