The New Possibility. John Fahey's Guitar Soli Christmas Album

The original 1968 release:

Circa 1970:

Circa 1973:

Circa 1975:

Circa 1977:

Circa 1983 Allegiance reissue:

Thel ast of Fahey's albums to use the black & silver label, although it's difficult to find.

As is so often the case, the orange label says 'monaural' although the record itself is stereo.

The 1976 style dragon label shown for this record is very unusual in being in black and ivory; the ivory is a very good match with the colour of the textured Takoma sleeve although that appears to be coincidence. This is the last Takoma label that doesn't show the title of the album.

Some copies of this album have sleeve notes on the back, some don't; I believe that only later pressings lack them, but that Takoma continued to use both sleeves. Maybe the sleeves without notes were intended for the non-Christian market.

Takoma era sleeves have the 'T' logo in the upper right-hand corner; this is removed from the re-issues.

Thanks to Malcolm Kirton for photographing the orange labels for me.

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