Hard Time Empty Bottle Blues

The 2003 Limited Edition:

The Whole 12 Inches:

A one-sided record, released as shown here in a single limited edition. It is pressed on clear vinyl, with a picture silk-screened on the underside. It was sold in a clear plastic cover with no other sleeve. It has subsequently been included in a box set, but not with this presentation.

As there's no side 2, I've put up a picture of the whole disc; I hope I've managed to display the artwork as clearly as is possible.


ejg said...

hmm, i have seen this one before, but i do not have a copy and it is unavailable.
would it be possible to post this record for download?

Stephen said...

It's easily available on the Sea Changes and Coelacanths CD, which is available on iTunes for download. It's good, more straightforward than some of Fahey's electronic stuff, and none the worse for that!