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There are a few downloads being attached to various posts within this blog, and I've collected the links here as well for convenience. I hope that if you use these links, you will enjoy the music, and return here to post a comment. None of these downloads are currently available commercially. The CD reissues of John's older albums are well worth obtaining; with a couple of exceptions they are very well presented.

The server that hosts these files removes them if there hasn't been a download in 60 days. If you find that a download you want has disappeared, just leave a comment to that effect and I'll get it up again.

There is a difficult-to-find 11 track version of Voice of the Turtle which is very different to the version used for the CD reissue. See the entry for that album for details but here are the tracks I've provided links for:.... Bottleneck Blues..... Bean Vine Blues..... A Raga Called Pat, Part III.... A Raga Called Pat, Part IV ..... Train

And here are five outtakes from 'Turtle': ....Lo How A Rose .... Kuolema .... Leaving Home .... Texas & Pacific Blues....The Bastrop Waltz

And some more Turtle outtakes; see the separate post for full details; it does however include what is believed to be 'A Raga Called Pat Part V'

Four of the recordings from the 1959 Blind Joe Death album were re-recorded for the 1964 release, one was edited, and one was dropped altogether. Here are the earliest versions, and the full St Louis Blues which was shortened in 1964:..... West Coast Blues ....St Louis Blues ....In Christ There Is No East or West ....The Transcendental Waterfall ....Desperate Man Blues....On Doing an Evil Deed Blues
There's a caveat here - Desperate Man Blues may well be the same recording as the '64 despite the different sound.

The 1967 Blind Joe Death did not have an edit of the 1964 Transcendental Waterfall (despite the claim in the CD notes), but a new performance: .....The Transcendental Waterfall (This is the 1968 stereo version)

Those first two albums 1967 versions sound considerably better in their intended mono than the subsequent stereo versions. Here are the 1967 mono recordings for Blind Joe Death and Death Chants

The CD release of America shortened Mark 1:15 by 2 minutes. Here's a link for the unedited version:..... Mark 1:15

Dance of Death has a track called 'Country Blues' appended to 'Give Me Cornbread' that is on the original US album, but not on later reissues or the CD. I originally posted the wrong track (!) but here is the correct one:..... Country Blues
And here's an outtake from the same sessions: The Television Song

And I've further outtakes (sometimes incomplete) from the same Adelphi sessions.

Fahey recorded a live session for BBC Radio 1 in 1969. From that session, here are:..... Bucktown Stomp..... The Death of the Clayton Peacock..... In Christ the is no East or West..... Steel Guitar Rag..... Sunflower River Blues

Here's some live material from 1972, 'The Voice of the Turtle' and a couple of medleys.

The Grown-So-Ugly blog has some interesting Fahey-related material. Worth a visit.

The downloads posted here are of material that is not in commercial circulation, and there seems no obvious likelihood that it will become so. It is not clear who now holds the copyright for John's unreleased work. I hope that people will buy legitimate releases where John's work remains available (and most of it does, of course), and that someone will take on the task of releasing all the other surviving recordings. If you own the rights to any material here, and wish it to be taken down, please email me and I shall of course be happy to do so.


Anonymous said...

does anyone know about the mysterious transfiguration outtakes? i hear there's a good albums worth of stuff out there that no one's released from the 64-66 period.

Stephen said...

Most of the Transfiguration outtakes were released by Fonotone on 10" albums called John Fahey - The Early Years (not to be confused with a Takoma album of the same name). The IFC are the people with all the info here; you could look at my general Fahey links but will take you straight to the Transfiguration page. 'Train' as linked here is a Transfiguration outtake, and a very good one.

I don't possess any Fonotone releases, so I'm not able to put it up. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Hello! I've just found your site and I'd like to thank you very much for your great interest in John Fahey. I love him too. I'll give you 3 links to have rare Fahey shows --- but you probably know the sites already:

PS: Search through "J" for John, not with "F" for Fahey...!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the d/l!! I love hearing every Fahey tune I can. Great blog, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Many Thanks

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thank you so much for your great blog and for posting all the download links. Cheers.

Tom said...

I'd like to add my thanks for your blog. I've been a fan(atic) since a roommate introduced me to JF almost 40 years ago. Was listening to him today and thought I'd search for unedited digitized Mark 1:15 and found your site. Very generous of you to share with community.

Jake F said...


Your site is a holy grail of detailed Fahey information! Its an inspiration to know there are more people out there who take his music so seriously.

Im interested in acquiring some of the unreleased tracks you have listed here, but it seems either the website has changed, or the links are dead. Is there another way I could find them?

Many thanks,

Guldhamstern said...

Hi. I'm interested in the long version of Mark 1:15, The older versions from Blind Joe Death, The Turtle Outtakes,The Television Song
and The Adelphi Outtakes. Well, the most of them =)

I would be really greatful....

Anonymous said...

I got most of Stephen's posted songs before the hosting site deleted them and can either post them to usenet (alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.folk) or provide select cuts via email.

JeffW said...

Any chance this stuff could be reuploaded?

Albin said...

Are these downloads forever dead or are they going to be refreshed some day? Or can maybe somebody who already owns them upload them somewhere?

Would be very thankful since this material can otherwise be hard to find. ;)

Well, tnx for great site :))

drizzz said...

Hi! Just another plea to make the downloads available again? My computer crashed and I lost my music- I was so used to Kuolema I thought it was part of the original VOTT. Alas, no! If not, so be it and thank you for at least having it available one time!

kevin said...

would really love to hear these tracks!

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload Mark 1:15! I'll be forever thankful.

Unknown said...

Any chance you could find a new upload spot? The links are tantalizing!