Vol. 6 Days Have Gone By

The original 1967 release:

Second sleeve, probably 1968:

Final sleeve, probably circa 1976:

This album has four sleeves that I know of. The first three have a simple paste-around over a black cover, the final sleeve is of standard manufacture.

The earliest sleeve credits Chester Burnett as the photographer for the front cover, and has Takoma's Box 2233 address in Berkeley. The colour of the front cover has an orange tinge to the brown.

The second sleeve appears to have replaced the first quite quickly. The colour is now a far darker brown, with no hint of orange whatever. The photographer is now correctly credited as Jeff Lovelace. The Berkeley address remains, with the addition of the zip code 94711.

The third sleeve removes the address, and the brown reacquires its orange tinge. I hope to be able to add photos for this variant very shortly.

The final sleeve, of conventional construction, obviously lacks the black border of the earlier ones, instead the yellow area extends round the edge. The brown is now quite distinctly orange.

To help with colour comparisons between the sleeves, here is a photo of the three sleeves photographed above shown together; the oldest sleeve is on the right just to add a touch of confusion.

Original 1967 booklet, inside back cover:

Second edition 1968, inside back cover:

Note the wonderful Pre-Raphaelite styled 'T' graphic in the original 1967 booklet, Tom Weller's first tentative design for a Takoma logo. The booklet was changed in 1968, updating the discography inside the back cover and using the newly introduced Takoma logo. The 1967 booklet is printed on paper with a more pronounced beige colour than the later one, although the paper for the later one is clearly of poorer quality and has faded despite being stored inside the record sleeve.