The Andy Kershaw Session

This post follows on from comments left on my recent posting of the mono BJD.

In 1987 Fahey recorded a session for the BBC Radio 1 Andy Kershaw programme, performing St Patrick's Hymn, The Sunny Side of the Ocean, Spanish Two-Step, Dance of Death, and Nightmare / Summertime. The commenter Joe pointed out that Delta-Slider had posted the first four of these for download in excellent quality, presumably originating from the session tape since they lack any radio chat. Joe was hoping I'd be able to come up with the final track to a similar standard; sadly I couldn't. But Joe has kindly provided off-air recordings of the session for those who enjoy Kershaw's ramblings or want that fifth tune.

Delta-Slider's post and download is essential. The off-air recordings can be downloaded here. Thanks, Joe.