Blind Joe Death. Volume 1 the 1967 monaural recording

I promised this some time ago and finally here it is - the 1967 mono version of the Blind Joe Death album. The CD issue of this album used a damaged tape (or maybe it was just poor mastering, but there's audible distortion on the left channel) of the later stereo mix which did the recording no justice whatever, but here (with apologies for surface noise) is the original, 'newly recorded in magnificent mono'.

I've already posted the equivalent recording of Death Chants, where I give a rather blunter assessment of Fahey's use of stereo.

(Note: the troublesome link for the download has now been corrected)


Anonymous said...

This is new, right? I am downloading this moment, hopefully I'll have time to listen to it on the weekend. By the way, do you have a link to the complete Andy Kershaw session from 87, it was uploaded recently by Delta-Slider, but it has one song missing.

Anonymous said...

...and I hope you're in good health again!

B. said...

You are my freaking hero today. Just great. Just. Great.

Delta-Slider said...

Thanks for posting this Stephen!
As for the BBC post, it is nice quality isn't it? I found it on the internets, but now it's gone. Based on the uploaders comments, it was filler and that's probably why it isn't complete. No idea where the missing track is. And I've never heard it, so you should post it anyway!
Hope you continue to get well!

Stephen said...

Thanks for the good wishes for my health, much appreciated.

Joe, This is 'new' in the sense that I've just copied these across from vinyl and uploaded them. And I'm afraid that I don't have the full Andy Kershaw session, otherwise I'd have offered the missing track to Delta-Slider to add to his download.

Anonymous said...

Delta Slider, John fahey as a filler??? You should have shot that guy!! Anyway, here's my not so hi-fi version with narration:
These are 320mp3 files created with AudioGrabber

Stephen said...

Joe, thanks for that. I'd never heard Nightmare - Summertime before. Would you mind if I post these up on this blog? I'd link across to the Delta-Slider post as well, obviously.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't mind at all - Joe

Delta-Slider said...

I know, "filler", sheesh. What I think they meant, though, was it was a CD of other Fahey titles, and these four tracks were used to fill up the CD. I hate a CDr that isn't full!
Thanks for posting the complete show!
Is it ok if I add the link to my post and link back?
I'm asking you and Stephen, since you posted it on Stephen's site.

Anonymous said...

I think I knew what you meant, just couldn't resist!
Of course you may add the link on
your blog. Joe

Stephen said...

Thanks Joe. I've re-uploaded your files since I wasn't sure what limits your hosting service applied.

Delta-Slider, of course I'm happy for you to link to the download. I've pointed people over to your post for yours.

rickdog said...

I think is out of business. The archive link goes to a parked site. Any other way to get Blind Joe Death mono?

Rosiebinns said...

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