The Takoma Label Designs

Black & silver, parallel lines - up to 1967

Plain black & silver 1968

Orange & purple 1970

1st black & gold dragon 1972

1st blue & gold stroboscopic dragon 1973

2nd blue & gold stroboscopic dragon 1973

Final black & gold dragon 1975

(For the post discussing these designs, click here.)

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Matt said...

first off: this is an amazing site. keep it up!!

so if this is the case, is there a plain black and silver font edition of Leo Kottke's 6 & 12 String Guitar? The earliest I've ever seen was an orange and purple label. But there's also seemingly confusion as to when this LP was released. Certain websites say it was released in 1971 but others say 1969, and Rolling Stone reviewed in 1970. Could you help me with any insight?